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Thermal infrared imaging or thermography, detects heat patterns or temperature changes in objects that can't be seen with the naked eye. This technique is a powerful noninvasive tool for monitoring and diagnosing the condition of commercial buildings, residences, livestock and other structures.

Virtually everything gets hot before it fails, making infrared imaging a valuable tool in analyzing many structures. The cost savings of an infrared inspection can help customers protect their assets.

Thermaltech uses the most advanced infrared inspection technology available, providing computer-generated color thermal images and corresponding visible digital images.

If you are a property owner or in building facility management, you can use IR for building systems and structures including moisture intrusion on flat roof, missing or damaged insulation, overloaded circuits, faulty wiring, loose electrical connections, block wall and mechanical device evaluation. Some property insurance carriers recommend annual inspections. There are many companies have made IR a part of their preventive maintenance programs.

Through non-destructive means, infrared imaging is also used for medical scans, concrete structures like bridges, and computer data centers.

Thermaltech is a full service infrared imaging company. We can provide you with a thermographic inspection survey at your facility. Applications include electrical and mechanical equipment for overheating, roof systems for wet insulation and building envelopes for excessive heat or energy loss. Specialized applications include any equipment or process where thermal differences can indicate a problem.

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» Master Electrical License for Maryland registration

» Infrared Technology Institute

» Associates in Science and Technology

» National Nuclear Accrediting Board

» NFPA 70E Arc Flash Trained

» Gas Technology Institute (GTI)

» General Electric Multilin

» CFC Universal Licence

» Heating and Air Conditioning Career Diploma Ashworth university

» Liquified Natural Gas Fire Fighter Training

» Ametek UPS

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